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Welcome to Our Church!


Sunday Worship: 8:45 am   Sunday School:  10:00 am

"Abiding in Christ through grace, we are gathered to grow and sent to serve"

Faith Formation

Sunday School

Grace provides a Sunday school for children from 3 year olds to 6th grade. The Sunday school runs from mid-September to mid-May. It meets from 10–11 a.m. Our Sunday school welcomes children and seeks to share the love and acceptance of God and God’s people. It is important to us that children who attend Sunday school learn the stories of the Bible which can then stay with them and be built upon in the years to come.

If you are a parent looking for a place where you children will be welcomed, enjoy the beauty of singing, and will be encouraged to know some key stories of the Bible, please consider regular attendance in our Sunday school. Call the church office, 320-328-5533, and leave a message expressing your interest. 

Grace Sunday school welcomes children who are not members of the congregation because we want all children to be introduced to the stories of the Christian faith.


Raising Children in the Faith

We are pleased to offer a Sunday school to assist in faith education, yet we know that children are most influenced their spiritual life in the home by the most important people in their lives – their parents.


Parents have the greatest of influence on their child’s priorities and values.  Sunday school and confirmation serve as additional resources that assist parents in raising children in the faith, but cannot replace what parents are able to do by bringing their children to worship and teaching their children in the home. So we encourage parents to take advantage of the are many great resources available in our day to share Bible stories - story books, children’s Bibles, DVD’s, prayers at mealtime, age appropriate devotions, and so on.   Central to all these resources are the parents.  Children want to know what their parents think is important in life. May God enrich parents with faith and love as they seek to raise their children in the Christian faith.  


Please consider Faith5 as a starting site for a great resource in raising your child in the faith.



Grace provides a two year confirmation program for a more intensive time of study and service which leads up to the opportunity to affirm your faith before God and God’s Church. Traditionally, students are in seventh and eighth grade, but other ages are welcome. We teach an overview of the Bible as well as the key aspects of the faith raised up in Luther’s Small Catechism. The confirmation class meets after school on Wednesdays from mid-September to mid-May. Sunday worship attendance is also important to the program. 


Adult Education

Faith seeks to understand and to grow. Questions are good and need to be asked. Faithful adults need opportunities to learn as much our young people. One opportunity for the adult education is a group that meets each Tuesday at 1 p.m. from September to May.  Anyone is welcome to come and learn from the Bible. 



Devotions are individual times of Bible reading and prayer. There are many resources on the web to do devotions – but some are clearly better than others. Please see our Resources page for devotional suggestions.